Cave Escape Game

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Description: Cave Escape Game – Escape from the Cavern The cave which at times is also called as a cavern has got a place in human history from ancient times. The Kings used the caves to be a place for their safety and used it as a safe place to hide their military secrets. Several Caves have witnessed historical secret meetings that altered the course of history.Despite being small in size, caves are very good for protection and even today they are the best place to hide for people. There are different types of caves like Glacier cave Fracture cave Anchialine caveand the Primary Caves In this Cave Escape game from Smile clicker, you need to pass a fort and the entrance of the forts have been locked and more worse is that the doors lead to a Cave through which you need to find the real gate to escape.
Instructions: 1. You first need to enter into the cave. 2. The door that leads to the cave can be opened when 8 puzzle pieces are put together 3. Once inside the cave you need to find the key that will take you out. 4. Hint (This game is a little easy, so no hints this time) Happy Gaming folks
Rating : Everyone

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